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Embedding LibGuides into Blackboard: Home

Embed Your LibGuide in Blackboard

Use the directions below to embed your course's library guide directly into your Blackboard course shell, allowing students to navigate to the guide without moving outside of Blackboard.

For more information on custom library research guides, contact the Research Assistance and Instruction department. If you have any questions about embedding a library guide into Blackboard, contact Amber Willenborg.

Directions for Embedding LibGuides into Blackboard

1. Navigate to the content area where you want to add a LibGuide. In the content area, hover over Tools in the menu at the top and select Library Research Guides.

2. Enter the Name of the guide and any other necessary information. Click Submit. (Note: The title you type cannot contain an apostrophe.)

3. Click on the link you created.

4. In the LibGuides Site drop-down, select UofL Libraries. In the Content Type drop-down, select Full LibGuide. In the Guide drop-down, select the guide you want to embed. (Leave Guide Page blank unless you want to choose a landing page other than the home page.) Click Embed Content.

5. You will see an icon indicating your success embedding the module. To see what the embedded guide will look like for students, go back to the Blackboard shell and enter Student Preview. 

6. In Student Preview, navigate to the content area where you added the guide, then click on the guide. You'll be taken to the guide embedded in Blackboard. This is what students will see when they click the guide.

(To view these step-by-step directions with pictures of the process, view the Directions with Pictures document to the right.)


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Directions PDF with Pictures