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Biographical Research: Sources

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Reference Books

  • American Men & Women of Science
    Ekstrom Library Q131.A47
    Kornhauser Library Reference Q 141 .A3531
    Biographical data for living U.S. and Canadian scientists in physical and biological sciences, public health, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.
  • American National Biography
    Ekstrom Library Reference CT213 A68 
    This work provides biographies of persons, including women and members of ethnic minorities, who lived in the United States or who influenced life in the United States and who died before 1996.
  • Biography Index
    Ekstrom Library Reference Z5301 B5
    This set, published annually, presents a cumulative index to biographical materials in books, and journals. Indexes interviews, obituaries, collections of letters, diaries, memoirs, juvenile literature, book review, and bibliographies. Most biographies are American.
  • Current Biography
    Ekstrom Library Reference CT100.C8
    Biographies of personalities prominent on the international scene, in the arts, sciences, industry, politics, education, and entertainment. Published annually.
  • Contemporary Authors
    Ekstrom Library Reference Z 1224 .Z6
    "A bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television and other fields." Includes only individuals who have published in book form and who were living at the time of the volume's publication. Publication began in 1962 and continues to add 4-5 volumes per year.
  • Dictionary of American Biography
    Ekstrom Library Reference E176 .D563 
    Law Library Reference E176 .D563
    Concise biographies of deceased persons who lived in the United States.
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography
    Ekstrom Library Reference PN 451 .D5 
    Extended essays on literary personages from all time periods, all ethnic groups and all nationalities. In addition to authors in traditional literary genre there are volumes covering related areas such as journalists, screenwriters, and publishing houses.
  • Dictionary of Scientific Biography
    Ekstrom Library Reference Q 141 .D5 
    Kornhauser Library Reference Q 141 .D5
    Articles on the lives and works of scientists in the areas of "mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and the sciences of the earth" from classical antiquity to modern times but "no articles on the careers of living persons."
  • Who Was Who in America
    Ekstrom Library Reference E176 W64
    Law Library Reference E176 W64
    This set contains the last-published sketches of biographies, with dates of birth and death, and biographical information. Published every ten years.
  • Who's Who in America
    Ekstrom Library Reference E663 W56 
    Kornhauser Library Reference E663 W62
    Law Library Reference E663 W642
    This set contains sketches of biographies, with dates of birth and death, and biographical information. Arranged by name, geographical area, and by occupation. Published yearly.