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ANTH 322: Archaeology of North America (Hoefer): Searching Exercise

Searching your Topic

Sample Topics

  • Debate over the peopling of the New World
  • Clovis v. pre-Clovis technology
  • Causes of the mega-mammal extinction at the end of the Pleistocene era
  • Mound debate - who were the mound builders?

Using your own topic or one listed above, respond to the following questions

  • Generate at least three keywords on your topic - you can simply use the topic itself and a few related words, or you can also briefly search Google for a few ideas.

After you generate keywords, pick question 1 or 2 to respond to for the purposes of this exercise (i.e. pick whether you'd like to explore WorldCat Discovery or a database during your time in class since you won't have time for both!

  1. Use UofL Libraries Catalog to locate a scholarly book on your topic.
    • How do you know the book is scholarly?
    • Based on the title and any chapters/summary information, what information does this book contribute to your topic?
  2. Use a database listed in the Anthropology / Archaeology Research Guide to locate a scholarly article on your topic.
    • Based on the title, abstract, and any subject terms, what information does this article contribute to your topic?
    • What additional keywords does this article generate for your research?