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Scientific Information Literacy

Designing Research Assignments with Scientific Information Literacy in Mind

Science literacy and informaiton literacy go hand in hand. STEM students need to be able to

Assignment Ideas

Don't limit students to just peer-reviewed journal articles. Students should understand that perspectives come in different packages for different audiences and purposes. Ask students to compile an annotated bibliography on a topic and find a variety of sources including:

  • Primary research articles
  • Review articles
  • News articles
  • Encyclopedia articles
  • Datasets
  • Patents

In their summary, students should describe what knowledge the source contributes to the topic and how the source compares to other sources in the bibliography. 

Explain the process of scientific communication.

Ask students to evaluate the outputs of one or more generative AI tools. In their reflection, students should include:

  • Scientific questions asked
  • Their confidence in receiving the correct answer
  • Verification of the information from another outside source

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