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PSYC 410: Giving Away Psychology: Critical Thinking and Public Communication (Danovitch): Group 1

Your Source

Walton, G.M., & Cohen, G.L. (2011). A brief social-belonging intervention improves academic and health outcomes of minority students. Science 331(6023), 1447-51. doi:10.1126/science.1198364

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Source

Exercise Instructions

Please read through the following questions, and then open your source and read through the abstract and skim through the rest of the article, answering these questions with your group as you go along. 

Questions to Answer about your Scholarly Source

  1. How does your source represent the findings of the research that it's talking about? What kind of evidence/data and or methods are presented about the research? 
  2. From what source is your article? Can you find any information on the source that might inform your evaluation of this piece? 
    1. What type of review process did your source undergo? Has it been evaluated by scholars in a particular subject area (i.e. peer-reviewed)? Has it been evaluated by an editor or a publisher? 
  3. Who is the author of your article? Look them up at your source and/or Google them and write down a little bit about them - what do you consider their level of credibility and authority to be?
  4. Are there any critiques of the research within your source? 
  5. Are there any opinions or assumptions present in this piece? If so, give an example or two.
  6. Answer as a group after you discuss your responses to questions 1-5: What is your overall evaluation of this source and its credibility? 

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