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PSYC 410: The Deadliest Mental Illness: Eating Disorders Research and Treatment (Levinson): Database Videos

Database Videos for PSYC 410

The following screencast videos will help you look for research in two ways: 1) by locating a specific journal and then searching within that journal and 2) searching your topic within a database. 

For the Journal Finder video, I'll demonstrate how to search within a specific journal, Behaviour Research and Therapy, using the topic of self-harm in eating disorders; for the second video, on database searching, I'll be using the topic of males and eating disorders to search within the database of PsycINFO.

The purpose of these videos is to familiarize you with how to access relevant research in two ways as well as how to use these tools to see how your topic has been discussed in the literature and explore additional keywords. 

Using Journal Finder to Locate a Specific Scholarly Journal

Searching your Topic within a Database (PsycINFO)

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