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POLS 495: Comparative Foreign Policy (Gray): In-Class Exercise

Your Source

Redd, S. B., & Mintz, A. (2013). Policy Perspectives on National Security and Foreign Policy Decision Making. Policy Studies Journal, 41, p. S11-S37. doi:10.1111/psj.12010

Questions to Address in Evaluating your Source

Read the following questions. Then, open up the link and download the pdf of the article. Read the first page and briefly skim through the rest of the article. Afterwards, respond to the following questions with your group:

  1. What is your overall evaluation of this source? Consider the following in terms of credibility and authority:
    • Authors - what can you find out about them? 
    • Publication source - what can you find out about the source? 
    • Formatting characteristics - does anything about the format itself help you evaluate the article? How so? 

  2. What research questions might this article help us answer in relation to your topic? On the other hand, what questions does this source generate?

  3. Write down keywords you'd search for your topic and consider more general foreign policy keywords that you've gleaned from this source.

  4. What other sources might help you answer your questions about this source, and how would you go about finding them? 

How your Source was Located

Your source was located using Political Science Abstracts, listed under the Journal Articles tab of this research guide.