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POLS 367: The Government and Politics of Southeast Asia (Abbott): Searching Exercise

Exercise: Searching for Information Sources


During our session, we focused on searching based on the three questions you could explore for your essay.

For the next ten minutes, spend time with a partner (especially if you have the same question) or by yourself using one of the journal article databases to locate a source relevant to your topic.  

Questions to Answer 

We'll discuss the following questions after you have brainstormed keywords and found a relevant information source. 

  1. What database did you select to search? 

  2. Write down 3-5 keywords that could help you search for information on your topic.

  3. Using those keywords, search them in your database and find a source that is relevant to the question you're exploring – jot down the title/author/any other information you’d need to have to get back to this source. 

  4. Why did you select this source? In other words, what information does the article contribute to helping you answer your essay question? 

  5. Write down one challenge you had with your database in searching for an article.