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Ekstrom Library

Cadre & Faculty Development Course (CFDC): Books

Cadre & Faculty Development Course (CFDC)

UofL Library Catalog

Library of Congress Subject Headings

L -- Education

  • L -- Education (General)
  • LA -- History of Education
  • LB -- Theory and practice of education
  • LC -- Special aspects of education
  • LD -- Individual Institutions -- United States
  • LE -- Individual Institutions -- America (except United States)
  • LF -- Individual Institutions -- Europe
  • LG -- Individual Institutions -- Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  • LH -- College and school magazines and papers
  • LJ -- Student fraternities, United States
  • LT -- Textbooks

Subject Headings

The following subject headings may be useful when browsing the U of L Libraries Catalog. To browse by subject heading, type the subject heading in the Search the Catalog box on the Libraries home page, then click the Go box.

  • Early Elementary Education
  • Middle Secondary Education
  • Community colleges
  • Education
  • Education -- Political aspects
  • Education and state Education
  • Higher Educational change
  • Educational equalization
  • Educational law and legislation
  • Educational leadership
  • Educational planning
  • School administration and organization
  • School administrators
  • School improvement programs
  • School management and organization
  • School principals
  • Universities and colleges

Metroversity Libraries

Metroversity Libraries share resources. People affiliated with UofL (holding valid UofL ID cards) may borrow materials from these libraries.