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ANTH 344 (Zhao): Anthropology of Clothing: Evaluation Exercise

Article Evaluation Exercise

Read through the abstract, section headings, and topic sentences (the first sentence of paragraphs) for the article.
 Answer the questions regarding the purpose, methods, sources, and author credibility. 
  1. What is the purpose of the article? What research question(s) are they asking?

  2. How might the bibliography help you with your research?

    1. Go to Google Scholar ( and search the title of the article. Note the Cited by [#]. How many people have cited this article? Why is this important? How can you use this for your own research?  
  3. What's the level of authority or credibility of the source? That is, how do you determine whether this source is "good" for anthropological research? 

  4. What focused research topics could this paper support? (To think of it in another way: If you were to cite this article in your paper, what kinds of topics could your paper be about?)

  5. If you were to search for other research articles related to this paper, list 3-5 keywords you would search.