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Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library 1 East Renovation Project: About the Project

In 2014-2015 Ekstrom Library renovated its first floor east side. View the project description, timeline, documents, and photographs.

Our Aspiration

We've heard from users, faculty and staff that not all of the services, organizational structures and spaces in 1E align with user needs and expectations. Through the realignment of those services and structures, and through the enhancement of the 1E space, we want to provide the library spaces and services that will make our users' research successful.

What We've Learned


  • Users would prefer a clearly identified, centralized service desk (East side) with one-stop shopping (Transactional assistance, collections, limited research, technological assistance).
  • Users have a lack of awareness and some confusion about library services, collections, and programming.
  • Some users are having negative experiences with key services related to computing and printing.
  • Overall there is a general decline in "transactional use" of library services and some growth in focused research support.


  • Users highly value the 1st floor East side:
    • For social purposes: meeting spot, see-and-be-seen, landing zone, people-watching
    • For research and study purposes: individual study, group study, & technology enriched spaces
  • Users expect quality aesthetics in the space:
    • Logical layout in services/spaces within 1st floor
    • Refreshed furniture and finishing materials (paint color, lighting, etc.)
    • Enhanced natural light
    • Aesthetic unity between East and West wings
    • Improved sight lines
  • Users expect clarity in signage and wayfinding support

What We've Done

  • Responded to user suggestions (examples)
    • Moved the Browsing Collection from 1E to the third floor
    • Enabled users’ to check out and return books at the Media desk
  • Realigned the Ekstrom Library organizational structure to better support user needs
  • Planned for and developed the new services offered from the East and West service desks that are more fully integrated with other library and partner services