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Ekstrom Library

ENVS 363: Climate Science


Assessing Expertise

Activity: Evaluating Credibility

In small groups, investigate your assigned source that makes a claim about climate science. Use Google or another search engine to research the author(s).

Use the handout provided to take notes and be prepared to answer these questions: 

  • Who authored the source? Would you consider them credible? Why or why not? 
  • What kind of evidence do they provide? Does it seem valid? 
  • What motivations might they have for making the claim? 


Silenced Science

Read more about the controversy between Exxon climate scientists data and the company's internal documents.


Political leaders can also attempt to silence science.

Finding Credible Scholarly Sources

You can find a varity of scholarly sources for free online and in library databases. Remember though, not all sources are credible. You should still evaluate the sources you find. However, the library is a trusted place to find quality journals.

End of Session