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Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Research Data Management: PILOT STUDY

Study Information

If you are a researcher who is submitting an NIH grant proposal this year, please consider participating in this pilot study.

Project Description:

The University of Louisville is participating in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) NIH DMSP Template Pilot Study. In collaboration with Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and then NIH, this study is testing the effectiveness and usability of two DMSP templates. 

This project will run from March-December, 2023.

Project Goals:

  1. Mitigate administrative burden of researchers associated with DMSP development and implementation
  2. Generate greater consistency in DMSP requirements across NIH ICs and programs

How to Participate:

  1. Select ONE (1) of the pilot templates for use in preparing the DMSP for your proposal (links are below).
  2. After completing your DMSP, complete a brief Qualtrics Survey about your experience using the template (linked below).


Downloads & Survey


Choose ONE of the templates above. Feel free to look at them before making a decision. Remember the version number you decided on as that will need to be reported for study data collection.


Complete the Qualtrics Survey AFTER you have finished the DMSP.