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Archives & Special Collections (ASC)

Records Management: Transferring Records

Information on how and for how long University of Louisville records should be retained.

Records Storage

The University Archives and Records Center (UARC) provides, at no cost to the office of origin, secure storage of both permanent and non-permanent UofL records. Additional services include file retrieval and refiling, but records must be inactive prior to transfer (meaning the records are no longer used in the course of day-to-day business and only occasionally or rarely referenced).  Note that upon transfer, non-permanent records will not be destroyed without the written permission of the office of origin.


Step 1

Contact the University Archives and Records Center (UARC) to discuss transfer of records prior to sending any boxes. UARC reserves the right to return records to the creating office if this step has been omitted.

Step 2

Assign a disposition date to the records using the University records retention schedule (PDF) or with the assistance of UARC staff. Under no circumstances will non-permanent records be accepted without a destruction date.

Step 3

Pack files loosely into standard-sized boxes (measuring 12" x 10" x 15").  Please note that copier paper boxes, moving company boxes, and drawer-sized boxes do not fit on records center shelving and will be returned for re-boxing at the office of origin's expense.  Appropriately-sized, acid-free boxes may be obtained from the UofL stockroom (Item #7520-0370). For non-permanent records, standard-sized bankers boxes may be used.

Label boxes on the long side of the box with the following information:

- Name of the Department or Office

- Description of Records

- Box Number

Step 4

Download and complete the Records Transmittal form (link below).  When transferring records, do not mix different types of records onto a single transmittal form.  Each transmittal form should contain only one type of record or record series. Examples of a single type of record or record series include patient charts, student advisement files, personnel files, procard statements, contracts, or records related to a single event, research project, or program.

Note: unless arrangements have been made, each transmittal form may contain no more than 3 years of records.  If your office has more than 3 years of records to transfer, please separate the records into separate boxes and corresponding transmittal forms.

Step 5

Email the transmittal form(s). 

Step 6

Once UARC has received the transmittal form, you will be contacted to resolve any final issues.  You will also receive a list of days and times that a staff person would be available to receive the records.  At that time, you may contact Physical Plant to schedule the delivery.  

Prior to Transfer:

Contact the University Archives and Special Collections

   Phone: (502) 852-8789

   Fax: (502) 852-6673


   Staff: Hannah Pryor