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Records Management: Training & Resources

Information on how and for how long University of Louisville records should be retained.

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The Lingo of Records Management

Characteristic Value
Archival:  Materials that are permanent or have ongoing value.
Born Digital:  Information originally created in an electronic format.
Custodian:  The individual or organization having possession of and responsibility for the care and control of records.
Disposition:  Records’ final destruction, deletion, or transfer to an archive.
Electronic Record:  Data and information that has been captured and fixed through electronic means, and that requires the use of specialized equipment and systems to render it intelligible by a person. Also called a machine readable record.
Information Governance:  The process of establishing policies and procedures across an organization to manage information as a cohesive resource.  Information governance is often geared toward meeting legal, regulatory, risk, and business needs.
Media:  The physical materials the carries information (e.g. paper, compact disk, magnetic tape).
Public Records:  Data and information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, which are prepared, owned, used, in the possession of or retained by a public agency.
Record Copy:  The single copy of a record—often the original—that is designated as the official copy for use and preservation.
Records Management:  The systematic, orderly, and efficient control of records throughout their creation, use, and disposition.
Reference Value:  The usefulness of records based on their informational content.
Retention Schedule:  A document that identifies and describes an organization’s records and provides instructions for the final disposition of those records.  Also called a disposal schedule, records schedule, or records retention schedule.
Series:  A group of similar records that are related as the result of being created, received, or used for the same function.

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