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Documenting Louisville Municipal College: Published materials & student papers

Published Materials & Student Papers

  • Rettig, Christina M. "Louisville Municipal College"
    Paper for Urban Sociology 305 describing reasons for establishment of LMC and faculty reaction to its closing. 1998.

  • Hershberg, Eileen. "Closing of Louisville Municipal College."
    Paper from Social Sciences 542 on the disagreement between the LMC faculty and the U of L Board. 1978.

  • Greathouse, Sue C. "Student Life at Louisville Municipal College 1931-51"
    Paper from Social Sciences 542.1985.

  • Collins, Wellyn F. Louisville Municipal College. student paper and M.A. Thesis, 1976.
    Student Papers, 1973-1987.

  • Simmonds, Denise M. "Louisville Municipal College" Paper completed for H513 Urban Structure class. December 1980.

  • Mineer, Robert G. "Development and Merger of Louisville Municipal College." 1978
    Student Papers, 1973-1987.

  • Doyle, Bertram. Study of business and employment among Negroes in Louisville.

  • Wilson, George Dewey. A century of Negro education in Louisville.

  • Louisville Municipal College, 1931-1951: a video tribute presented by the U. of L. Multicultural Center.
    LMC Reunion Activities Project including the enactment of a play called "The Graduation" based on information about the LMC, oral remembrances of graduates of LMC, Dr. Blaine Hudson speaking on history of the LMC.

  • Hudson, James Blaine. The History of Louisville Municipal College: the events leading to the desegregation of the University of Louisville. Thesis, University of Kentucky. 1981.

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