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ThinkIR: Creating a Profile

Please note: The EVPRI office has licensed a new system, Symplectic Elements, to manage faculty profile information. Libraries personnel will be working with them to migrate existing bepress profiles to the extent possible. Once the new system goes live (tentatively Fall 2024), our team will be focusing on continuing to expand open access to UofL scholarship via ThinkIR.

How to Have a Profile Created


How to Create Your Own Profile

Create Your Expert Gallery Profile

  1. Create an account
    1. Go to, click on the Menu link
    2. Click Sign Up (or Login if you already have an account)
    3. Be sure to read the Terms of Service before you agree.
    4. Complete the form and click Create Account
    5. Click the Confirm Account button in the confirmation email
  2. Choose a URL (note – it cannot be revised afterward)
  3. Enter your institution, position, title, and up to three research disciplines
  4. To change any of this information, click on the Account Settings link on your Profile Menu.
    1. You can add alternate forms of your name, and choose which one to display by clicking Set as Preferred.
    2. You can also add alternate email addresses and former institutional affiliations.

Customize Your Expert Gallery Profile

  1. Click on the About tab
  2. Hover your cursor above a section to reveal icons for adding, editing, or removing information
  3. Enter information as you would like it displayed – no coding skills required
  4. Under Position, click boxes to identify Current Position and Affiliate My Profile with this Institution.
  5. While all sections appear to you while logged into your account, only the completed sections will display publicly.

Add or Edit Links or Metadata for Publications

  1. Click on the Works tab
  2. Click Add Works
    1. Select Add a Link for works available on the Web
    2. Select Add Metadata to cite a work that cannot be made open access
    3. Select Harvest Works for a list of things attributed to your name that you may be able to add a link and/or metadata for automatically (recommended to do this after you’ve investigated copyright for all of your works).
  3. Use Manage Categories to adjust appearance and order and add a description.
    1. You must choose at least one Display Category per work.
    2. They are indexed within Google and other major search engines along with the profile and works, so creating discipline-specific categories can increase discoverability.
  4. Revise Works by clicking on the Edit icon; remove them by clicking on the red Trash icon.


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