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Laptop Check-Out

Ekstrom Library, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, and the Art Library have laptops available to be checked out for a four-hour period for in-building use. These laptops come loaded with the Microsoft Office suite and wireless Internet accessibility. Ask at the Circulation Desk. 

[Due to COVID-19, this laptop check-out service is suspended until further notice.]

Public Access Computers

Each library has a number of computer workstations available for public use. (PCs in the Law library are limited to Law School faculty and students.)

Most PCs on Belknap campus are configured in the same way with a web browser (including popular plug-ins), Microsoft Office suite, and accessibility to some networked applications.

Public PCs in the University Libraries allow temporary file storage folder in My Documents. Users can store their working files temporarily in that folder; however, the files will be deleted as soon as the user logs off or the login session ends.  The Libraries are NOT responsible for any data lost or for security. Users are responsible for preparing flash drives for their own use.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is available on all three campuses. 

While in Ekstrom Library, if you have questions about wireless access, the REACH Computer Resource Center on the first floor is available to answer your questions. The tutors have been trained to provide general technical support and trouble-shooting for wireless issues. For additional support, contact the IT HelpDesk at 502.852.7997.


Each of our libraries has at least one printing station. When you print from one of the PCs the print job automatically goes to all the print stations in that library.

Wireless printing is also available in all libraries. Print jobs can be picked up at the print stations. To download the drivers for wireless printing, go to the iTech Express, login with your UofL ID and password, and choose: Free Software - Wireless - Wireless Printing Client.

Off-Campus Access

You can access the Libraries' web site and online catalog from anywhere on the Internet; however, only authorized users can access their My Library Account and library's subscribed resources from off-campus. Such resources include databases, electronic journals and electronic books, etc.

To access these resources from off-campus you'll need to login to the proxy server with your ULink ID and password. Figure 1 is the login screen you should see when you access the resource remotely via a library's Web page. 



Figure 1: Connect-from-Home login screen

If you don't see this Connect-from-Home login screen you may invoke it using one of the two ways:

1. Add "."( a dot without quotes) and to the URL of the resource page you are at or

2. Pre-pend the proxy server URL ( ) to the beginning of your URL.  

How to do it? Please see the example below:


The URL of the page you are at:​

1. Add a dot and and then hit "Enter":​ 

If the above way is not working, use the following:

2. Pre-pend the proxy server URL and then hit "Enter":​

Once connected, should remain in the resource's URL until you close the browser. If there's any problem, please let us know.