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Article Link Generator: Off-Campus Links

Off-Campus Link Generator

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Making Links Work from off Campus

Some providers of online articles assign a unique code to each article called

  1. a digital object identifier (DOI), or
  2. a stable (or persistent) URL.

A DOI is a series of numbers like this: 10.1108/00400910310508955

To use it you need to run it through a link resolver website ‐ So the total link to this article would be

This stable link works fine from on campus but might not work from outside the University of Louisville. Online article providers generally restrict access to their articles to persons using internet connections of institutions that bought access to their articles. Effectively, they limit access to users who are on campus.

To make sure University of Louisville users can access the article away from campus, the URL needs to include our proxy server address ( This triggers the website to ask for ULink ID and password to verify that the user is part of UofL and can access the UofL subscription.

In order for the DOI to be accessible off-campus, the URL would need to look like this:

Other Examples



Finding the Stable Link

The DOI or stable link will be found in the article record's fields (like the author, title, subject fields). It will be labeled as DOI, or Document URL, or Stable URL, etc. 

Do not copy the URL that shows in the URL line of your browser. This is a temporary URL that will not work later.