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Finding Laws / Legislation: Home

Step by Step Instructions

Finding case law in LexisNexis Academic

  1. Go to the University Libraries homepage and click Subject Guides under Quick Tools
  2. Choose the Law Guide, then choose LexisNexis Academic under Recommended Databases.
  3. Enter your research topic in the search box, or click Look up a Legal Case to search by citation or by the parties involved. (A basic search will retrieve information from newspapers, magazines, and much more; if you only want to view the court cases on your topic, enter your topic in the search box, click Advanced Options, and uncheck all boxes except for State and Federal Cases.)
  4. When you click on a case in your results, you’ll see an overview of the case, the outcomes, and the full text of the case.
  5. Use the tools in the upper right-hand corner of the page to print, download, or save the case.

Finding primary law in LII (Legal Information Institute)

  1. Go to
  2. Under legal resources, select a primary source (e.g. Supreme Court) to view the most recent decisions, or search for a specific decision in the search box in the upper-right of the page.


  1. Search by law type by clicking Legal Encyclopedia at the top of the page, then choosing a type of law (e.g. Family Law).
  2. Choose from the list of legal terms (e.g. Children’s Rights) associated with that type of law to view the landmark cases associated with that term.

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