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NURS 702 Library Course Guide: Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice

This page will provide resources, guides, and tutorials to help you become better informed when assessing the quality of literature and evidence you'll find when searching.

Quick Guide for Evaluating Resources

When reviewing any source, consider the following:

Authority: Who is the author? What is their point of view? Their background?

Purpose: Why was this resource created? Who is the intended audience?

Publication & Format: Where was it published? In what format? Has it been peer-reviewed?

Relevance: Is it relevant to your research or interests? Is it within the scope of what you're looking for?

Date of Publication: When was it published? Has it been updated? Is it the most current version?

Documentation: Are sources cited? Is there evidence to back up content?

Evidence-Based Practice Videos

Discusses common nursing databases, the definition of "research literature", the importance of using vetted research databases like CINAHL and PubMed instead of unvetted resources like Google, and predatory journals.

Discusses the levels of evidence in research literature, primary versus secondary sources, systematic review versus literature reviews, and quantitative versus qualitative literature.