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Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

History & Archives Policies & Procedures: Home

History Collection Materials

History collection materials do not circulate. Materials must be used in the building and under supervision. Any items to be retrieved from the History Collection will be done by library personnel.

Rules for On-Site Use of Collections

  1. Presentation of appropriate identification (which will be photocopied) along with completed and signed registration form.
  2. Food and drink are not allowed near research materials.
  3. Large bags, computer cases, backpacks and/or briefcases are not allowed on research table.
  4. Use pencils for note taking, pens are not allowed.
  5. Self-service photocopying and/or scanning allowed with prior permission of library personnel.


Users should follow accepted scholarly standards of citation, whether for manuscripts, institutional records, oral history interviews, microfilm or other material. Citations should include the title of the records or other material and the History Collections, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, University of Louisville.

Jane Doe, MD Papers, History Collections, Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.


Purchasing copies of copyrighted materials does not transfer copyright to the purchaser. In the case of material owned by the University of Louisville, for example, copyright remains with the University. Unpublished and published material is protected under the U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code) and some international laws, subject only to fair use standards in the U.S. The material transferred under this agreement may not be recopied or used in any manner violating copyright. 


The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Louisville, its employees, agents, and designates, including donors and former owners of Kornhauser Health Sciences Library’s History Collections, from any and all costs and expenses (including legal fees), damages, and liabilities arising under any claim whatsoever and raised by anyone for losses, damages, and/or other relief based upon or caused by the release of images to the undersigned and their use by the undersigned, its employees, agents, or successors in interest.


Permission to publish must be obtained from the History Collections Archivist/Curator or the Director of the Library. Scholarly courtesy dictates that a copy of a published or unpublished work that relies heavily upon sources in our collection be deposited with the Library. 


Copying charges for photographs, microfilm, copies of sound recordings, or other forms of duplication will include the cost of labor, material and postage. The Kornhauser Health Science Library, University of Louisville reserves the right to negotiate a share of royalties for commercial projects.

Accessing Protected Health Information

Access to the PHI of deceased individuals is only permitted if the researcher makes written representations that the use or disclosure being sought is solely for research on the PHI of decedents and that the PHI being sought is necessary for research. Individuals will be presumed to be deceased 100 years after date of birth or date of record creation, whichever occurs first. In all other instances, the researcher must provide written proof of death. The Library reserves the right to redact records if necessary.