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Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Dreishpoon Reflection Room: Reflect & Contemplate

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Kornhauser Library supports student, staff, and faculty wellness

The University of Louisville Libraries are committed to and supportive of student, staff, and faculty wellness. With this in mind, the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, in collaboration with Mrs. Georgene Dreishpoon, announces the opening of the Dreishpoon Reflection Room on April 15, 2024.
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The space is designed for quiet contemplation, reflection, and wellness activities

Curated with funds donated by the Dreishpoon family, the room is named in honor of Dr. Irving Dreishpoon, and honors the family’s deep commitment to inclusivity. Dr. Dreishpoon was born in Brooklyn, New York, was accepted to UofL on a basketball scholarship, but after his first year he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. In 1945, he returned to the University of Louisville, but this time to medical school, where Dr. Sidney I. Kornhauser, the namesake of our library, was instrumental in him being accepted without having completed his undergraduate degree.
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The space can accommodate up to four people, with time limited to one hour

The space can accommodate up to four people, with time limited to one hour, although patrons may return to the space throughout the day as needed. Other guidelines for the use of the room may be found on our website, and they are posted in the room.

How to Reflect and Contemplate

  1. The room is open to all HSC students, faculty, and staff during regular library hours, and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Use of the room is limited to one hour, but patrons may return to the space throughout the day as needed.
  3. The room can accommodate up to four people with the understanding that multiple people may use the space simultaneously.
  4. The room is meant to be a calm and relaxing space, and is not to be used for loud conversation.
  5. The room is not to be used to study, but to be used for meditation, reflection, or other wellness activities. The use of loud music or noise is not to be played in the room.
  6. Library staff will check on the space at various intervals and may ask patrons to vacate the space for use by other patrons.
  7. The space is to be kept clean and all materials returned to their proper place after use.

Room Amenities

  • Comfortable furniture for relaxation
  • Open central space for stretching
  • Room to use a yoga mat (available in the room), prayer rugs, or practicing other floor activity
  • Available leisure magazines, books, and other relaxing reading material
  • An air filtration and ozone generator for purifying the room air
  • Plants, paintings, Dreishpoon memorability, and other calming decorations
  • Drapes on the windows for increased privacy

Where to Find Wellness

The Dreishpoon Reflection Room is available on the third floor of the Kornhauser library by the elevator.