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Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Bioethics and Medical Humanism: Research, Teaching & Case Studies, Transplantation

Holdings of the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library on bioethics, medical ethics and humanism as of May 2010. For current information about our holdings on these and other related topics please consult WorldCat Local

Encyclopedia of Bioethics now available online!

Research Ethics (Print Resources)

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Teaching and Case Studies (Print Resources)

Clouser, K. D. (1980). Teaching bioethics : strategies, problems, and resources.   W; 50; .C56; 1980

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Transplantation (Print Resources)

Chapman, J. R., Deierhoi, M., & Wight, C. (1997). Organ and tissue donation for transplantationWO; 660; .O71; 1997

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