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Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

Brian Eberly: The Case, May 28th

The Case

May 28th:

Mr. Eberly’s physician calls to discuss his blood draw results and reports that additional testing is required. He tells Mr. Eberly that a couple of the labs he needs will be samples collected at home and brought back to the lab, including keeping his urine in the refrigerator for 24 hours in a special container the lab will give him when he goes back to get his blood drawn today.  

Results from this additional lab order show similar electrolytes to the previous lab draw as well as: 

Test Results
Test Value
Aldosterone normal
Renin normal
24-hour urinary free cortisol 490 mcg/24 h (nl 3.5-45)
11 pm salivary cortisol 270 ng/dL (nl <100)
Hgb A1C 6.6%


Clinical Librarian

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Ansley Stuart
Health Science Campus
Kornhauser Library, Rm 204

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