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University Libraries Student Assistant Resources: Hiring Process

Work Hours

Students may work mid-term, spring, summer, and fall breaks, provided that they maintain continuous enrollment at a minimum of six credit hours during the spring and fall semesters.

Maximum hours per week and per pay period by student types.
Student Type Maximum hours / week Maximum hours / pay period
Work Study Students 15 hours/wk not to exceed 30 hours per biweekly pay period
Regular Students 20 hours/wk not to exceed 59 hours per biweekly pay period
International Students* 20 hours/wk not to exceed 40 hours per biweekly pay period

*Federal regulations dictate that international students may not work more than 20 hours per week while school is in session.


Work Hours Exceptions for Work Study Students

Work study students can work a maximum of 29 hours / week during Fall and Spring Break weeks and after Spring semester ends up to the last day of the work study award period. Units will be notified each year of what the last day is. The date also appears on the work study award certificate.

  • If the student is graduating in the Fall, or not returning in the Spring, he/she can work only until the last day of the first pay period in December. Working beyond this point would result in a pay check the first week of Spring semester which cannot be allowed.
    • Units will be notified each year of the dates of: Fall and Spring Break Weeks, the Last Day of Classes for the Spring Semester, and the Last Day of Fall Semester (Last day before holiday break). These dates also appear on the UofL Academic Calendars.

Paperwork for New Hires & Rehires

The employee must have a social security card or the Social Security Administration Office letter of the applied for card. [HR Policy PER 1.17].