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POLS 313: American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights: Pre-Class Exercise

Instructions for Pre-Library Session Exercise

Before completing the following exercise:

Watch the two database tutorial videos on the Database Videos tab regarding searching for legal cases in LexisNexis and law reviews in HeinOnline. The following exercise will be collected by the Social Sciences Librarian, Samantha McClellan, prior to class through the following Google Form. 

The purpose of this exercise... for you to become familiar with these databases prior to class. These will help you locate legal cases and law reviews for your Supreme Court simulation as justices and lawyers. This is also so the librarian can address any questions or concerns you have at the beginning of class.

Homework Due Date

Complete the POLS 313 Pre-Library Session Exercise (shown below) by Wednesday, April 3. It is recommended that you bring a copy your responses to the library research session on April 5, as I will be referencing your answers and any questions you may have throughout our class together. 

This assignment will count for a grade in your class with Dr. Moyer. 

Instructions for printing: 

Complete the exercise.
Select "Submit."
Select "Edit your response." Then, copy the text from the Google Form, right click, and select "Print" or copy the text to e-mail to yourself. 

If you have any questions, please contact Samantha McClellan at 

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