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English Library Session (Mattes): Home

Understanding Scholarly Sources


Discussion Questions

  1. Identify at least three aspects of the article that indicate it is a "scholarly" source. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.
  2. Google the Journal of Behavioral Education. Does it seem like a credible publication? Why or why not?
  3. Why is the article organized the way that it is? What might be the value of this organizational structure?

Searching for Scholarly Articles

Searching for Books

Book Activity

  1. What topics are covered in the book? What kinds of research questions might the book help you explore?
  2. How is the book organized? What tools are available to help you navigate the content of the book?
  3. Is your book academic/scholarly? Use specific evidence to support your answer.
  4. What can you find out about the author of the book? What about the publisher?
  5. Use the library catalog (linked above) to find an another book that relates in some way to your book. How is it related?

Class Workspace


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