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NEVADA - in process

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Nevada Statehood

 On October 26, 1864, James W. Nye, Governor of the Territory of Nevada, began sending a telegram to President Abraham Lincoln. This message, transmitted in Morse code, contains the entire text of the Nevada State Constitution. Sending such a long telegram at the height of the Civil War was a challenge -- with no direct link from Carson City to Washington, DC, telegrapher James H. Guild worked seven hours to transmit the message to Salt Lake City, where it was resent to Chicago, then Philadelphia, and finally to the War Department’s telegraph Office in Washington, DC, two days later, where a 175-page transcription was made. The final page shows the total word count (16,543) and cost ($4313.27—or $59,229 in today’s dollars) of the transmission.

Frustrated that certified copies of the Nevada Constitution, sent earlier by overland mail and by sea, had failed to arrive in Washington, DC, by October 24, Governor Nye of the Nevada Territory ordered that the State Constitution be sent by wire. Three days after receiving this telegram—just eight days before the Presidential election—Lincoln proclaimed, in accordance with an Act of Congress, that Nevada was admitted into the Union, thus hoping to ensure his own re-election, as well as the election of like-minded Republicans in Congress.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)

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