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BIOL 203: Scientific Information Literacy and Communication


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Journal Metrics

How do we measure the impact or value of academic scholarship? 

You calculate a journal’s impact factor by dividing the number of cited articles by the number of citable articles. But what would it look like to calculate the impact factor of public scholarship based on the number of times a post is shared -- the internet’s version of citing?

Jones, A. M. (2021, April 6). Academe Should Value the Impact Factor of Public Scholarship. Inside Higher Ed.

Author Metrics

Google scholar profile for Tessa Withorn showing affiliation and most cited articles.

Screenshot of Google Scholar profile.

Activity: Make a researcher profile

Directions: Choose a university or research center you’d want to be affiliated with and the title of an article you’d be interested in writing. Then, find a real journal that would publish that article. Use Google Scholar to look up the journal’s h-index and Ulrich’s to determine if it’s open access. Make up a number for cited by.

Researcher profile card with person icon, name, and affiliation, then a paper icon with article title, journal, h-index, open access, and cited by.

Image made in Canva.

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The Research Assistance office is located on the first floor of Ekstrom Library between the computer lab and the University Writing Center.

Post-workshop survey

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