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eBooks at UofL Libraries: Downloading

Downloading eBooks

When downloading an eBook from ProQuest's Ebook Central, you will have to download the application Bluefire Reader for a tablet/phone or download Adobe Digital Editions for your laptop or desktop. When using Bluefire Reader or Adobe Digital Editions, you'll have to create an Adobe ID in order to login to each application. Each application will have a link that prompts you to create an AdobeID. Another option for reading an Ebook Central book is to read the book via your internet browser by selecting "Read Online."  

The library also has access to other eBooks that are not associated with Ebook Central. In those cases, you can often download a PDF of the book and use whatever device you prefer.

1. Find an eBook:

Screenshot of book in the library catalog.


2. Login using your Ulink information:

Screenshot of login page.


3. Begin the downloading process:

Screenshot of item record in Ebook Central.

After clicking "Full Download," the site will ask you questions about what kind of device you are working on and tell you what you need to download in order to access the book on your device.

ProQuest Ebook Central Guide

Downloading Books or Chapters/Page Ranges

  • Video describes how to download specific chapters or pages in PDF via Ebook Central in your web browser.