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Library Session Activities

Activity #1

Use the following linked articles to respond to the questions below.

  1. What academic disciplines are represented in each article?

  2. Which article mostly summarizes previous research not conducted by the authors? How is this article different from the other two?

  3. What type of organizational structure is used in Article #3? Why is it structured in this way?

  4. Use Google Scholar to locate one of the articles referenced in Article #3. According to Google Scholar, how many times has the article you found been cited? Based on its abstract, can you tell whether the article presents an original research study? Are you able to access the full text of the article?

Activity #2

  1. Use a library database of your choice to find a peer-reviewed research article from your own field/discipline.

  2. What aspects of the article indicate that it's a research study? How can you tell it isn't a review or some other type of article?

  3. What type of organizational structure does the article use? How does the structure compare with this diagram?