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Films related to Images and Sexuality in Advertising available from Ekstrom Library's Media Resources desk. Check the UofL Catalog for availability.

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Images in Advertising Films

Killing Us Softly 3 (34 min.)
Ekstrom DVD
Ekstrom VHS  HF 5822 .K5 2000 (2 copies)

Killing Us Softly 4 (45 min.) 
Ekstrom DVD

Slim Hopes: Advertising and the obsession with thinness (30 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  BF 697.5.B63 S64 1995

Pack of Lies: The advertising of tobacco (38 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HF 6161.T6 P3 1992

Still Killing Us Softly: Advertising's image of women (ca. 32 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HF 5822 .S84 1987

Redefining Liberation (ca. 23 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HQ 1236 .R42 1998

The Codes of Gender: Identity + Performance in Pop Culture (73 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

Stale Roles and Tight Buns: Images of men in advertising (29 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HF 5822 .S82 1988

America the Beautiful (ca. 105 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

I'm the One That I Want (96 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

Western Eyes (40 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  RD 119.5.E94 W47 2000 

Barbie Nation: An unauthorized tour (53 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  NK 4894.3.B37 B47 1998

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the selves of adolescent girls (35 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HQ 798 .P573 1998

A Question of Color: Color consciousness in Black America (58 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  E 185.625 .Q83 1992

The Mirror Lied (27 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  E 185.86 .M57 1990z

Playing Unfair: The media image of the female athlete (ca. 30 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

Tough Guise: Violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity (105 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

In My Country: An international perspective on gender (ca. 85 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  GN 479.65 .I5 1993

Men and Masculinity: Changing roles, changing lives (30 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HQ 1090.3 .M46 1990

Slaying the Dragon (60 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  PN 1995.9.A78 S583 1988

Hip-hop: Beyond beats and rhymes (61 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

The Merchants of Cool (ca. 60 min.)
Ekstrom DVD

India Inhales (24 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HV 5770.I4 I63 2000 

The Ad and the Ego: Truth and consequences (57 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HF 5822 .A188 1996

Classic Cigarette Commercials of the 50's & 60's (60 min.)
Ekstrom VHS  HF 6161.C35 C4 1993

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