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Popular Sources

Popular sources include general news, magazine, and web publications intended for non-academic audiences. These types of sources can be a great supplement to academic research, but you always need to verify the credibility of unfamiliar sources. A simple trick for doing this is to move outside of the publication by opening a new tab and seeing what you can find out about the source, author, and content of the publication. Make sure you also take note of whether you're looking at a straightforward article or an editorial or opinion piece.

You can search for your topic within a specific popular source by adding site:website to your Google search. For example, to find New York Times articles on immigration and pregnancy, you can search Google for immigration and pregnancy

Similarly, you can search for your topic on certain domains by adding site:domain to your Google search. If you want to find government information about sexual tourism, search Google for sexual tourism

Multimedia & Social Media Sources

Multimedia sources include non-text-based source types like podcasts, videos, and audio, while social media sources include posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Just like with unfamiliar popular sources, you always need to move outside of the source to investigate the publisher, author, and information presented in the source.

You can go to a social media site like and search for your topic: prison abolition or a hashtag: #prisonabolition