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This guide provides information about the library's online information literacy instruction for Communication 111/112.

Communication Information Literacy Instruction

Starting in Fall 2020, the library's information literacy instruction for Communication 111 and 112 will be offered in an exclusively online, asynchronous format. All Communication 111 and 112 instructors are strongly encouraged to incorporate the Communication information literacy module into their courses to provide students with skills for evaluating information and conducting basic searches in library databases.

Why is Communication 111/112 moving to an online format?

The online module allows for a consistent approach to information literacy instruction across all sections of Communication 111 and 112, avoiding redundancy with library sessions taught for other courses (such as English 101 and English 102). The online format also maximizes the number of Communication 111/112 students who can participate in information literacy instruction, as we are not limited by the number of librarians or available class times, and allows library instruction to be more seamlessly integrated within the Pops classroom.

What content does the Communication online information literacy module cover?

Communication 111/112 library instruction is designed to help students develop and practice criteria for evaluating sources and to gain a basic understanding of the value of library databases for academic research. This module is an interactive tutorial that has students reflect on their current practices for evaluating online information sources and introduces students to a new evaluation skill: lateral reading. The module also provides a brief introduction to searching in library databases and explains the value of library databases for academic research. Throughout the module, students are asked to complete brief tasks and answer questions to foster engagement with the content. 

After completing the modules, students should be able to:

  • Apply appropriate strategies and criteria for evaluating online information sources
  • Conduct basic searches in library databases in order to find credible and relevant sources

How do I incorporate the Communication online information literacy module into my course?

Information literacy instruction is most useful to students in the context of a research assignment, so we encourage instructors to incorporate this module at a point in the semester when students will be conducting research. Students should use the link below to access the module--this link is already loaded into your Pops classroom in Course Materials under Library Activity:

Is the Communication module graded?

Students will be asked to provide their own name as well as their instructor's name when completing the module. If you would like to receive student scores, Amber Willenborg can send you a report including names and scores for all of your students who complete the module. Instructors can either email Amber ( their due date in advance or let her know when they are ready to receive their score report.

(The link below is to a demo version of the module that allows instructors to preview it without answering assessment questions. All questions are required in the student version above.)


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