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Lise Melhorn-Boe

I sit and sew
Lise Melhorn-Boe, Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson
Art Library Rare Books Collection: N7433.4.M469 I2 2019 box 18.1

"Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson's poem is in the voice of a woman, during WW1, who wishes she were doing something more active to help the soldiers, rather than sitting and sewing. The book's format is modelled on a WW1 'housewife,' a soldier's sewing kit. As it unfolds, the viewer will find sewing tools and eventually the text."--Cf. Vamp & Tramp website

More Garbage
Lise Melhorn-Boe
Art Library Rare Books Collection N7433.4.M469 M67 2010 box 8.1

Limited edition of 12 copies; all copies slightly different. "This book is entirely made of garbage, or stuff I had lying about. No new materials were purchased except the photocopying of pages. The covers are bottoms of mandarin boxes collected at Christmas. The socks and T-shirts were worn out ones raided from husband and son and self. The mitts and gloves were picked up on the streets as the snow melted. … The paper was left over from Wake up the Frog and Library Book. The thread was from when I used to do embroidery. The 'tapes' on which the pages are bound are mostly from knapsacks. The fake suede is leftover from the blinds I made when we moved into this house; also the insulation from other Roman shades. The rag rugs were from my mother's. … The text deals with the effect of garbage on our health.'"—Artist's statement, from bookseller's website.

The cover of More Garbage More Garbage opened to a random page

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