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Artists' Books
Lingua Franca
Ann Lovett
Art Library Rare Books Collection N7433.4.L68 L55 2004

Edition of 17.

Ann Lovett
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .L68 P35 1990 box 10.1

"Palimpsest was my first artists' book, and grew from photographic collage work I had been doing for several years. Frustrated with the limitations of single images, I decided to create more complex and multi-layered imagery through the pages of a book. Palimpsest is an extended collage of newspaper texts and photographs exploring world events seen through personal vision. The layered images become metaphors for the intellectual and emotional processes of learning, thinking and memory for me. The elements, drawn from found images and text, or experiences from my life, depict an intersection of the personal and the political. Newspaper text with all but a few words crossed out alludes to censorship as well as revealing a subtext of emotional language hidden beneath the surface of purportedly objective reporting. Unexpected juxtapositions form an open-ended narrative that considers the conditions of our culture and the ways in which we receive and interpret information."

Ann Lovett
Art Library Rare Books Collection N7433.4.L68 R45 1999 box 9.1

"Relation explores the constantly shifting network of connection and separation inherent in the fabric of intimate relationships. The book's binding structure is designed to fold flat, and expand into a sculptural, interwoven front when opened. Delicate images of fabric form a rich visual field for interlocking, shifting texts." (viewed 10/18/2018)

The front cover of Relation Relation unfolded sitting on its side
Se Souvenir
Ann Lovett
Art Library Rare Books Collection N7433.4.L68 S4 2005 box 15.2

Consists of images of beachhead memorial sites in France, military cemeteries, World War II monuments, and black & white photographs of one U.S. army soldier in particular.

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