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Karen Kunc

Twyla Hansen, Karen Kunc
Art Library Rare Books Collection PS 3558 .A51338 F54 2002 box 4.1

Limited edition of 200 copies, Art Library has copy 9. This multi segmented book moves through nature's profusion, desiccation, and human encroachment, ideas which were explored in a collaboration between the two artists. This project was made possible by the Artist in Residence program at the University of the Arts. Karen Kunc's vibrant color lithographs are on one side of the panels and Hansen's poems are on the other. This is an ecological treatise printed from polymer relief plates onto Daphne fiber paper from Bhutan.

Robert Pinsky, Karen Kunc
Art Library Rare Books Collection PS 3566 .I54 E55 2009 box 12.1

Signed by Karen Kunc. Limited edition of 50 copies, the Art Library has copy 40. A fortuitous invitation from Longwood University, Virginia, pairs Robert Pinsky (Poet Laureate 1997-2000) and book artist Karen Kunc, for the creation of a new work inspired by selected poems. The artist tells us, “In words and images, micro-to-macroscopic layers of poignant meaning and memory are an intimately held and transient wonder, just as light melds recto and verso printing into one light-born envelope. Intimations are caught and lost in the act of reading, viewing, meditating, immersing.” This books contains two poems by Pinsky: Rhyme and The Want Bone.

Karen Kunc, Helen Hiebert
Art Library Rare Books Collection: N 7433.4 .K84 L36 2016 box 23.1

"Helen Hiebert created watermarked illustrations ... and Karen Kunc responded by producing a woodcut image that interacts with the watermarks" — Colophon.