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Ellen Knudson

Ellen Knudson
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .K6258 A54 2013 box 4.2

"American Breeding Standards explores the systemized rules about what comprises a good or bad horse, a good or bad woman—and the steps one might take to achieve the breed standard. The binding structure is an exposed spine sewn on tapes and attached to paste paper covered boards. The book was produced in 2012-2013 and printed by the artist in Gainesville, Florida. Text excerpted from American Horses and Horse Breeding by John Dimon, and from Canine Standards of the German Shepherd from the American Kennel Club. Other text and illustrations by Ellen Knudson"—Colophon.

Ellen Knudson
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .K6258 M34 2015 oversize

Limited edition of 50 copies, Art Library has copy 13. "[A] non-scientific science book about the imaginary cellular composition of the human body. Fourteen cells are illustrated: Anger, Curiosity, Failure, Fear, Jealousy, Joy, Knowledge, Location, Love, The Past, Success, Talent, Trust, Work. The cell images are vibrant multi-block and reduction linoleum prints with a diagram explaining how each cell operates ... imaginary, emotional cellular structures that might 'make up' a person … wrote text for each cell using indirectly scientific language. To further support the pseudo-scientific nature … I used a non-digital form of image creation for the cells--multi-block linoleum cuts"—Artist's statement at the Vamp & Tramp Booksellers' website, viewed on February 12, 2016.

Ellen Knudson
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .K6258 S35 2018 box 16.1

Limited edition of 90 copies, signed and numbered by the artist, the Art Library has copy 69. "This is a print. This is a book. Printed in Gainesville, Florida, after the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School. We cannot keep living like this — in fear and in fear-mongering. This piece is part of the Enough is Enough print exchange to support Everytown for Gun Safety."—Colophon

Ellen Knudsen
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .K6258 W5 2009 box 4.1

Limited edition of 100 copies, signed by the artist. Art Library has copy 41. "The revisit of a book created almost 12 years ago. The original book, How to Become One of the Original Wild Girls, was designed and printed in 1997. That book is a playful list of imaginary 'rules' that 'should' be followed to achieve Wild Girl status. The rules are light-hearted, but they have the sting of recognition that most women realize to be sexist in nature. Wild Girls Redux reexamines these issues, using motorcycle road and driving rules as text along with images of pin-up girls and industrial schematic illustrations … The intent of the "Operator's Manual" is tongue-in-cheek and provides the ordinary, mechanical, and absurd rules of how to operate women"—Publisher's Web site (viewed Oct. 14, 2009).