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Artists' Books
Helen Hiebert, Carl Adamshick
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .H533 C67 2012 box 16.2

Limited edition of 50 numbered copies, signed by artist and author. "This one sheet book structure has always intrigued me, and I have a particular love of Japanese shoji screens. The shoji pattern creates a window and the book structure creates a room or space. I wanted words to tie it all together" — 23 Sandy Gallery Website, viewed on May 18, 2012.

Helen Hiebert
Art Library Rare Books Collection TS 1115 .H54 2005 box 18.1

"This is the first in a series of instructional pamphlets on modern day watermarking. Look for upcoming editions on fabric paint watermarks, wiremarks, and computer generated watermarks." Introduction: "In this pamphlet, you will learn how to create your own watermarks – those mysterious images hidden within sheets of paper, often invisible until lifted to the light. With this low-tech method and simple materials, you can create unique images in your handmade papers while using an age-old papermaking technique."

Karen Kunc, Helen Hiebert
Art Library Rare Books Collection: N 7433.4 .K84 L36 2016 box 23.1

"Helen Hiebert created watermarked illustrations ... and Karen Kunc responded by producing a woodcut image that interacts with the watermarks" — Colophon.

Helen Hiebert
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .H533 P66 2012 box 6.2

Limited edition of 50 copies, signed by the artist and poet, Art Library has copy 11. Poems by Nora Robertson. Each sheet has a verse about an animal and a cut-out representation of hands, which can be used with the flashlight to create animal shadow puppets. The box bears the silhouettes of each animal.