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Ann Fessler

Art history lesson
Ann Fessler
Art Library Rare Books Collection: N 7433.4 .F47 A4 1991 box 7.1

Readers familiar with H. W. Janson’s History of Art textbook will immediately recognize the cover of A. H. Fessler’s Art History Lesson as a comment on Janson’s ubiquitous text. With a hardbound cover that replicates Janson’s book, Fessler seems to be challenging the authority of Janson’s text and, through the change in the title, letting readers know that there is lesson to be learned in her book as well. Artist's website.

Genetics lesson
Ann Fessler
Art Library Rare Books Collection: N 7433.4 .F47 A4 1992 box 4.1

Genetics Lesson, Fessler’s sixth Artist’s Book, is based on her 1990 Genetics Lesson installation and is her most structurally complicated artist’s book. It contains numerous gatefolds that allow for multiple readings of the story. Artist's website.

Water Safety
Ann Fessler
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .F47 S87 1989 box 10.1

Water Safety is the fourth artist’s book in Fessler’s True Stories Series. All of the books in the series were written in 1982 and offset printed at a later date. In this story, relationships are equated with water. Characters dive in but can suffocate and drown if they are not careful.--Artist's website

Front cover of Water Safety Water Safety opened