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Ines v Ketelhodt
Art Library Rare Books Collection N7433.4.K4728 B47 2010 box 12.1

"This book contains portrait photographs of Ines v. Ketelhodt's maternal and paternal ancestors. They were taken from paintings, drawings, etchings and epitaphs or out of the photo-albums of the v. Stosch and v. Ketelhodt families. Beginning with the 13th century portrait of Peterico Count Stos the following pages show his descendants together with their wives, leading in direct line to Ines v. Ketelhodt. The following pages show, beginning with Ines's father, his ancestors with their wives in direct line. The book ends in the 13th century with Knight Vredebern Ketelhot" — Ines von Ketelhodt, page 21, Joshua Heller Rare Books Catalogue 40, Summer 2011.