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Christopher Thompson
Art Library Rare Books Collection: N 7433.4 .C6335 A4 2009 box 24.1 env. 1

"When someone says 'I cannot know what it was like over there,' we want them to. When someone says 'I cannot know', we really need them to. When someone says 'I cannot know', they have just sent another one over. When we avoid our empathy and close our eyes, the veterans walk isolated to a depressed and self-destructive end. If for just a moment, our communities can also carry the psychological burden of conflict, we can all glimpse into the minds of those who have served and say, 'I, too, know what it was like over there, I am glad you are home'"--Combat Paper Project Mantra from back of wrapper."Reclaiming the uniform as art enables us to move toward a new relationship; one of honesty and openness, a true respect for ourselves and an accounting of our actions while shrouded in the uniform"--Page 16.