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Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock
Art Library Rare Books Collection PR 6052 .A54 G65 1993 box 13.1

The Griffin & Sabine and continued in Sabine's Notebook concludes as the mystery of the two artists deepens and the content of each letter or postcard ultimately reveals the secrets behind their spirited, imaginative union. Story told in postcards and letters which must be removed from their envelopes to be read.

Nick Bantock
Art Library Rare Books Collection PR6052.A54 G75 1991 box 13.1

This stunning visual novel unfolds in a series of postcards and letters, all brilliantly illustrated with whimsical designs, bizarre creatures, and darkly imagined landscapes. Inside the book, Griffin and Sabine's letters are to be found nestling in their envelopes, permitting the reader to examine the intimate correspondence of these inexplicably linked strangers. This truly innovative novel combines a strangely fascinating story with lush artwork in an altogether original format.

Nick Bantock
Art Library Rare Books Collection: PR 6052 .A54 G79 2001 box 13.1

A new volume in the correspondence series that began with Griffin and Sabine reveals the fates of the original characters while introducing Matthew and Isabella, long-distance lovers who find themselves in a perilous situation.

Nick Bantock
Art Library Rare Books Collection PR6052 .A54 S24 1992 box 13.1

Griffiin & Sabine, the most creative and discussed bestseller of 1991, left readers on the edge of a precipice. In the second volume of this inventive trilogy, they begin—along with Griffin—the fall. Told through strangely beautiful postcards and richly decorated letters, that actually must be taken from their envelopes to be read, the story is also culled from the sketchbook and diary kept by the possible unreal Sabine.