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At the beach: Home

Artists' Books
Babette Katz
Art Library Rare Books Collection N7433.4.K39 A63 1988 box 10.1

"A visual narrative in black and white linoleum block prints, At the Beach chronicles both the events of a day at the beach and the rise and fall of one man in a wordless cautionary tale of youth and ambition. The story begins at sunrise as the empty beach fills with people, in the midst of which an infant appears in the arms of its mother. The crowd clusters around the child, watching and supporting him as he matures into a young man. Nurtured and encouraged, the man develops lofty ambitions; he reaches - literally - for the stars. When he falls to earth, burned by the sun, he is ignored by those who raised him, who fold their umbrellas and head home, leaving him alone with the setting sun." Printed Matter.