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Bridwell|Art Library

Art Library Room 102C: Home

Art Library Room 102C

Seating: 18

Food/Drink allowed? No


  • Movable furniture
  • Control panel to turn on/off system
  • 70" mounted television monitor
  • Mac computer 
  • Web conferencing camera
  • CD/DVD player
  • Screen mirroring software compatible with laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Freestanding podium
  • External speakers
  • Mobile whiteboard and markers
  • Prayer rug 

The Art Library is currently closed for renovations. This room is not available to be reserved at this time.

Art Library Room 102C Policy

The Art Library’s 102C room is reserved for University of Louisville students and employees for collaborative study, research, and instruction. 102C may not be used to schedule recurring weekly reservations, such as regular class meetings. 

This room may be used for prayer or meditation whenever available. A prayer rug is provided in the space. Reservations are not required.

To see the full list of library spaces available for prayer or meditation: 

Booking requests are subject to approval from the Art Library:

  • First priority is given to library or faculty instruction
  • Second priority is for individuals or groups using library media equipment
  • Third priority is group study
  • Fourth priority is individual study

Anyone may be asked to move at the discretion of Art Library employees.

Anyone using 102C should leave it in a satisfactory condition for use by others.

The Art Library reserves the right to ask any individual or group not following this policy to leave the library.

This room has mobile furniture and can be configured in multiple ways. 

Photos by Courtney Stine. These images belong to the University of Louisville.