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Archives & Special Collections (ASC)

Resources for Research on the U.S. Navy: Oral Histories

Oral Histories Relating to the U.S. Navy

Maurice J. Brown, Jr.
Sailor discusses his recollections of World War II, concentrating on the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 - 60 minutes. Transcribed. Tape Number 750.

J. Darrell Lyvers
Sailor discusses experiences on ship of the coast of Vietnam - 60 minutes. Summary available. Tape Number 1981-168.

Jim Newton
Career officer in U.S. Navy discusses his experiences and feelings about Vietnam - 60 minutes. Summary availble. Tape Number 1984-43.

J. Stappler
Discusses his experiences aboard submarines in World War II - 120 minutes. Tapes Number 87 & 88.

John Van Dyke
Former lance corporal in U.S. Marine Corps, discusses experiences and feelings about Vietnam. - 60 minutes. Tape Number 1984-55.

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