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Louisville Sheet Music Collection: Home

Alphabetical Listing by Composer

These materials may be accessed in the Archives and Special Collections research room (Ekstrom Library, Lower Level room 17). They do not circulate.


Auld Lang SyneG.W. BrainardLouisvilleUnknown

Love Not, or The Bachelor's Quick StepPeters, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown

Our General's WaltzD.P. FauldsLouisville1864
Abt, FranzMontgomery, B.S.Home So BlestD.P. FauldsLouisvilleUnknown
Askenstedt, Lillian BryanAskenstedt, Lillian BryanKentucky SongWord and WorkLouisville1924
BelliniJefferys, ChasWhere Are Now the Hopes I CherishedPeters & WebsterLouisvilleUnknown
Hearts and HomesPeters Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Boex, AndrewTaney, Mary FlorenceKentucky State SongGeorge B. Jennings Co.Cincinnati1906
Boieldieu, A.
La Dame BlanchePeters, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Burgheim, Philip
Ashland MarchF.D. BenteenBaltimore1843
Burgheim, Philip
Ashland Quick StepBoswell's Music Store
Butler, Noble
Spanish Love SongPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1853
Clore, Lou CatherineLou Catherine CloreThe Banner of PeaceW.H. Willis & Co.Chicago1905
Clover, StephenMrs. CrawfordMary Astore BalladFaulds Stone & MorseLouisvilleUnknown
Coinchon, A.
Les FugitivesDavid P. FauldsLouisvilleUnknown
Colliere, L. Corradi
The Dream of HomeD.P. FauldsLouisville1859
Collins, W. LeslieW. Leslie CollinsKentucky State SongZimmerman PrintCincinnati1924
Converse, FrederickCawein, MadisonUnder the Stars and StripesC.C. Birchard & Co.Boston1918
Cook, J.C.
Kentucky PolkaPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1850
Cornelison, John H.Cornelison, John H.There's A Home in Old KentuckyEaston Publishing Co.St. Louis1906
Cosby, Mary F.
There's a Nook in the GreenwookPeters, Web, & Co.
Cosby, R.T.
The Art Gone Away, MaryPeters & WebbLouisville1848
Cotter, Joseph SeamanWadsworth, WilliamMy Heart Leaps UpJoseph S. Cotter
Craig, W.H.Craig, W.H.Ground Hog Day Is ComingMayes Printing Co.Louisville1918
How Can I Leave TheeD.P. FauldsLouisvilleUnknown
Craven, Katherine TabbCraven, Katherine TabbWhere the Blue Grass GrowsGeorge B. Jennings Co.Cincinnati1903
Dixie, JrBlossom, JerryAway Down in Dixie's LandD.P. FauldsLouisville1860
Drumm, MollieKing, PatrickAfter the HoneymoonPatrick KingLouisville1904
Standard Edition of Studies & Exercises for the PianoD.P. FauldsLouisvilleUnknown
Edelman, Carl O.
Hand Organ ValseD.P. FauldsLouisville1860
Edelman, Carl O.
The Marion Rifles Grand MarchTripp & CraggLouisville1858
Fleming, AlbertThe Boston CourierMcClellan and the UnionWilliam McCarrellLouisville1863
Forster, F.
A Sweet and Gentle DaisyPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1853
Frohman, DavidPoe, Edgar AllenAnnabelle Lee - Opus 10

Glover, Chas W.Glover, Chas W.Bashful Young GentlemanWilliam McCarrellLouisvilleUnknown
Glover, StephensCarpenter, J.E.The Wood-Birds SongJas.H. CraggLouisvilleUnknown
Gookins, George B.Gookins, George B.Farewell Kentucky HomeGeorge B. GookinsLouisville1895
Gottler, ArchieLeslie, Edgar & Clarke, GrantOh! Is She DumbStark & Cowan MusicNew York1922
Hartley, Virginia Lynd
Bow-Wow-Wow and Other Sentence Songs for ChildrenVirginia Lynd HartleyLouisville1920
Heinrich, Anthony Philip
The Wildwood TrubadourIndependent Music
Heumuller, F.C.
College March - St. Joseph's CollegePeters & Co.Cincinnati1845
Hill, Mildred
Sleep SongArthur P. SchmidtBoston1900
Hill, Mildred
Smiles and FrownsArthur P. SchmidtBoston1898
Hill, Mildred
Songs By Mildred J. HillClayton F. Summy Co.Chicago1908
Hill, Mildred
The Heart's SongRohfling SonsMilwaukee1898
Hill, Mildred
ThistledownClayton F. SummyChicago1915
Hill, MildredBerhoff, JohnA SecretRohlfing SonsMilwaukee1898
Hill, MildredField, EugeneSwing High and Swing LowRohlfing SonsMilwaukee1898
Hill, MildredHerrick, RobertTo Anthea - An Old English Love SongArthur P. SchmidtBoston1900
Hill, MildredKnowles, Frederick LawrenceSecretsClayton F. Summy Co.Chicago1912
Hill, MildredMarkam, EdwinJoy of the MorningClayton F. SummyChicago1908
Hill, MildredMuttergluckKissing TimeRohlfing Sons Music Co.Milwakee1898
Hodge, Edna SandersHodge, Edna SandersPathways of Jesus - Sacred Songs CycleEdna Sanders Hodge1963
Hodges, F.H.
DreamsD.P. FauldsLouisvilleUnknown
Hodson, George Alexander
My Home, My Happy HomePeters, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Holloway, John
Wood UpG.W. Brainard & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Hoskins, JohnByer, SidneyI Love the Old SongsTripp & CraggLouisville1856
Julius, MeiningerLong, Thomas B.Oh, Give Me Back the Dreams of YouthWilliam McCarrellLouisville1865
Kinkel, Charles
Charming WaltzTripp & CraggLouisville1858
Kirschenheute, J.J.
Spring Blosson PolkaPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1849
Kleber, Henry
Rosalba WaltzPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1847
Kneass, Nelson
Ben Bolt or Oh! Don't You RememberW.C. PetersLouisville1848
Koenigsberg, F.
Sayist thou to BirdlingPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1855
Lanner,arr. by Ferdinand ByerEvening Star WaltzPeters, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Lawrence, Julia L.Durham, AlbertSweet Magnolia or Fourty Years AgoPickaxe PublishingLouisville1905
Lee, George Alexander
I Am Dreaming of TheePeters, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Lewis, Alexander
Kentucky Colonel MarchAlexander LewisLouisville1897
Lewis, Alexander
The Yellow Rose March - Two StepBruner GreenupLouisville1896
Lover, SamuelLover, SamuelMy Mother DearPeter, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
MacDonald, Clara
Greater Louisville ExpositionD.H. Baldwin & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
MacDonald, F.MacDonald, F.Down In Old KentuckyF. MacDonaldLouisville1906
MacDonald, F.MacDonald, F.Down In the Hills - March SongF. MacDonaldLouisville1906
McGill, JosephineRittenhouse, JessieValues - The Mildred J. Hill CollectionBoosey & Co.New York1915
McGill, JosephineWilliams, William CarlosThe Fool's Song - Mildred J. Hill CollectionBoosey & Co.New York1915
Meininger, Jules C.
Requiem In Memory of the Confederate DeadMcCarrell & MeningerLouisville1866
Meininger, Julius C.
Floral PolkaPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1854
Meininger, Julius C.
For You I LiveLee & WalkerPhiladelphia1857
Meininger, Julius C.
Forget Me Not MazurkaJ. ChurchLouisville1860
Meininger, Julius C.
L'AdieuD.P. FauldsLouisville1864
Meininger, Julius C.
Lt. Col. Stewart's Calvary GalopJacob EndresSt. LouisUnknown
Meininger, Julius C.Long, Thomas B.I Think of Thee, Dear Madaline!William McCarrellLouisville1863
Meininger, Julius C.Wood, JohnI Would Not Such Heart RetainWilliam McCarrellLouisville1864
Meyer, Leopolo de
Carneval de VenisePeters Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Miller, Fred
Brighter Hours Will ComeW. McCarrellLouisville1861
Miller, Harry
Dreaming Sweet Dreams Of YouHarry W. MillerLouisville1911
Morgan, Calvin C.Calvin MorganThe Volunteer-Two Step
Motteler, Bertha D.
The Enchanted Love SongNational Manuscript BureauNew York1932
Motteler, Bertha DoerhoeferMotteler, Bertha DoerhoeferA DreamBertha Doerhoefer MottelerLouisville1932
Natiello, Ernesto
Fountaine Ferry Park MarchErnesto NatielloLouisville1914
Natiello, Ernesto
Indiana State Fair MarchErnesto NatielloLouisville1914
Natiello, ErnestoMusgrove, Charles HamiltonYou'll Have to Pet MeErnesto NatielloLouisville1913
Natiello, ErnestoMusgrove, Chas. HamiltonWe Can, We Will in LouisvilleErnesto NatielloLouisville1914
Natiello, Ernesto
Tangoroo - One-Step-TrotErnesto NatielloLouisville1915
Natiello, ErnestoMusgrove, Charles HamiltonTrust Me With Your Heart AgainErnesto NatielloLouisville1914
Natiello, ErnestoMusgrove, Chas. H.Let Me Whisper To Your HeartNatielloLouisville1912
Natiello, Ernesto Delmar
Garden MarchVal Reis Piano Co.St. Louis1909
A Native
Old Kentucky Our PrideJ.P.Simons & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
Nolte, Roy E.Nolte, Roy E.Hail the Easter KingLorenz PublishingDayton, OH1942
Nolte, Roy E.Nolte, Roy E.The Easter AlleluiaTullar-Meredith Co.New York1943
Nolte, Roy EYale, Elsie DuncanThe Risen Savior - An Easter Choir CantataLorenz PublishingDayton, OH1947
O'Sullivan, JosephWatson, W.D.Back to Old KentuckyThe MuCulloch PublishingLouisville1904
Osborne, G.A.
La Pluie de PerlesPeters, Webb, & Co.LouisvilleUnknown
The Louisville WaltzJames L. Hewitt & Co.New York1835
Peters, W.C.
Greek MarchHewit & JaquesNew York1840
Peters, W.C.
Magnolia WaltzHewitt & JacquesNew York1839
Peters, W.C.
Polka QuadrillsW.C.PetersLouisville1849
Peters, W.C.
The Kentucky Riflemen's Quick StepFirth, Hall, & PondNew York1840
Peters, W.C.
The Louisville MarchJ.Cole & SonsBaltimoreUnknown
Peters, W.C.
Amelia WaltzHewittNew YorkUnknown
Peters, W.C.Lunn, H.C.Mary Dear!Peters & WebsterLouisville1847
Peters, William Cumming
Grey Eagle CottilionsHewitt & JonesNew York1840
Peters, William Cumming
Louisville GallopadeGeorge WilligPhiladelphiaUnknown
Pratt, M.
River WaltzW.C.PetersLouisville1888
Ramsier, Paul
My Hamster Crawls and Other Piano PiecesNew York Graphic SocietyGreenwich,1963
Ramsier, Paul
Pied Piper - A Suit of Piano Pieces for ChildrenBoosey & Hawkes
Ramsier, PaulElward, JamesThe Man on the Bearskin Rug - A Comic Opera in One ActBoosey & Hawkes
Redman, E. Mason
The Musical Club ValseJohn Horn Plublishing Co.Louisville1895
Reinecke, Zudie HarrisTen Best Foster SongsThe Courier Journal &Louisville1923
Reynolds, Eunice HarrisonReynolds, Eunice HarrisonSilver HillsMrs. E.H. ReynoldsLouisville1913
Rive, Caroline
I Never Can ForgetPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1852
Rossington, Gen. Boyle
Grand MarchD.P. FauldsLouisville1862
Runge, William
My Little Dear - PolkaW.C. PetersBaltimore1850
Schaub, C.
Le Cace d'AmourPeters & WebbLouisville1847
Schulhoff, Jules
Impromptu PolkaW.C. Peters & SonsCincinnati1953
Schwab, Pauline
FascinationCrescent Music PublishingEvansville, IN1897
Scrivner, RaymondScrivner, RaymondHeadin' Home to Old KentuckyAdams-Vee & Abbott Inc.Chicago1950
Shaw, Clifford
A London FragmentBroadcast Music, Inc.New York1940
Shaw, Clifford
An Hour to RememberWave Inc.LouisvilleUnknown
Shaw, Clifford
Collection of Song by Clifford ShawOliver Ditson Co.Bryn Mawr1949
Shaw, Clifford
Dances of Old ViennaG. Schirmer, IncNew York1940
Shaw, Clifford
East Tennessee & Western Virginia Mountain Ballad The NightingaleOliver Ditson & Co.Philadelphia1952
Shaw, Clifford
If There Be EcstasyOliver Ditson & Co.Philadelphia1953
Shaw, Clifford
Love In SpringtimeOliver Ditson Co.Bryn Mawr, PA1949
Shaw, Clifford
Manhattan BarcrolleOliver Ditson Co.Bryn Mawr PA1950
Shaw, CliffordRossetti, ChristinaWhen I Am Dead, My DearestOliver Ditson Co.Philadelphia1949
Shaw, Clifford
Set of Three Songs: Teardrop, Thoughts, Restless MomentBroadcast Music, Inc.New York1941
Shaw, Clifford
SketchLorenzeNew York1952
Shaw, Clifford
The Ash GroveOliver Ditson Co.Bryn Mawr, PA1952
Shaw, Clifford
The LambOliver Ditson Co.Bryn Mawr, PA1952
Shaw, Clifford
Third Street Rhumba - 2 pieces of music with 1st & 2nd pianoOliver Ditson & Co.Philadelphia1954
Shaw, Clifford
Third Street RhumbaTheodore Presser Co.Bryn Mawr1951
Shaw, Clifford
ValentineG. Schirmer, Inc.New York1948
Shaw, Clifford
Waltz for Lovers

Shaw, CliffordBruce, EdithWhat Lies BeyondBroadcast Music, IncNew York1941
Shaw, CliffordDryden, JohnThe Desperate LoverGalaxy Music Corp.New York1949
Shaw, CliffordSee, KatherineHarlequinadeBroadcast Music, Inc.New York1940
Shaw, CliffordShaw, CliffordThe Cloud and the ImageParagone Music PublishersNew York1952
Shaw, CliffordShaw, CliffordThe Lotus PoolTheodore Presser Co.Bryn Mawr1951
Shaw, CliffordShaw, CliffordThe Moon Just Shook His HeadOliver Ditson & Co.Philadelphia1953
Shaw, CliffordStevenson, Robert LouisRomanceOlver Ditson Co.Bryn Mawr1950
Shaw, CliffordWatson, Alexander MacKenzieIf Thou But Sing to MeBroadcast Music, Inc.New York1940
Shaw, CliffordWatson, Alexander MackenzieIf There Be EctasyOliver Ditson Co.Philadelphia1948
Shaw, CliffordWatson, Alexander MackenzieMoonG. Schirmer, Inc.New York1938
Smith, J. Adams
Astoria WaltzH.J. PetersLouisville1847
Stauffer, AubreyHill, Edward GayMy MargueriteMcCullock PublishingLouisville1904
Steedman, A.Steedman, A.Kentucky DragBlue Grass PublishingLouisville1912
Strauss, JohannHaskins, C.C.On the Beautiful Blue DanubeD.P. FauldsLouisville1874
Thompson, J. ForrestThompson, J. ForrestNo More Rheumatism RagJ. Forrest ThompsonLouisville1916
Toulmin, Alfred
Confederacy MarchGeorge WilligBaltimore1861
Tucker, HenryDudley, JamesO! Let Him RestWilliam A. Pond & Co.New York1864
Viglini, Katie
Why Do I Love TheeD.P. FauldsLouisville1863
Wagener, Louis
Buffalo PolkaPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1853
Ward-Stephens,Johnstone, GordonThe Phantom LegionsChappell-Harms, Inc.New York1922
Ward, Charlie
Old Play GroundDavid FauldsLouisville1855
Webster, E.Z.
Down On De BanksPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1855
Webster, F.J.
The Canary Bird WaltzPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1847
Westendorf, Thomas P.
Sad Is the HeartD.P. FauldsLouisville1877
Wester, F.J.
New Orleans PolkaPeters & WebsterLouisville1846
Wilson, J.
Maiden's Lament - Despairing MaryPeters, Webb, & Co.Louisville1850
Zoeller, Louis E.Lockwood LewisChocolate BabeZoeller Music Co.Louisville1919
von Weber, C.M.
Night Scene From the OperaPeters & WebsterLouisville