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Archives & Special Collections (ASC)

Louisville and the First World War: Oral Histories

Oral Histories Relating to World War I

The Oral History Center in the University of Louisville Archives holds several interviews that touch on the experience of World War I, whether on the battlefield or the home front:

Berman, Sam (tape #479)
Berman's discussion includes World War I among many other topics.

Daugherty, Alma (tape #1990-135-1)
Ms. Daugherty discusses her life in Louisville during and after the World War I Era.

Flarsheim, Louise (tape #502)
The narrator gives her recollections of World War I and II among other topics.

Franklin, Charles Bruce (tape #1981-127)
Mr. Franklin retired as Assistant Director of Circulation after 46 years with the paper.  His association with the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times began as a newsboy on Armistice Day for World War I.

Katz, Aimee Rosenfelder (tapes #1984-1 & 1984-2)
Arts and Sciences student (1912-1921) and Woodcock medalist discusses Dean Patterson, effects of World War I, and student memories.

Mitchell, William (tape #451)
Mitchell discusses his personal history, including his service in the U.S. Army in World War I.

Steinrock, Carl (tapes #1981-69 & 70)
Part of a series of interviews conducted by James Holmberg with German natives now living in Louisville, Kentucky. Steinrock was in Germany during World War I and came to the United States in 1923.

Thomas, Benjamin (tape #1986-5)
Entitled "The World War I Experiences of Shock Troop." Mr. Thomas relates his experiences serving with the United States Army in Belgium and France during World War I.

White, Theo (tape #774)
Theo White discusses his service as a first lieutenant in World War I in addition to relating the history of his family’s furrier business and his involvement with it.

Williams, Mary Ed (tape #1989-44-1)
Ms. Williams discusses her youth, and army during World War I. The focus is on her dealings with Savoy Theatre in Louisville.

Wolff, Denise (tape #466)
The narrator discusses her original home in Herganeau, Alsace-Lorraine; her education at the College les Jeunes Filles; World War I; her husband, a reservist in the French Army; flight through Spain and Portugal to the United States.