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Land Acknowledgement

We recognize the land upon which the university sits (now known as Kentucky) is primarily Shawnee, Cherokee, Osage, Seneca-Iroquois, Miami, Hopewell and Adena land. We acknowledge the ongoing legacy of colonialism that continues to permeate our nation today, and our role in perpetuating the dominance of white, European culture.

Contrary to the "Dark and Bloody Ground" myth, native peoples have lived in this region for over 11,000 years, long before colonizers arrived. The rich archaeological records are indicative of the culture, heritage and lives that were destroyed as a result of colonialism's devastating forces. Kentucky's native populations and traditions were decimated through the introduction of infectious diseases, land stolen through coercion and predatory treaties, forced removals in the 18th and 19th centuries, and through Indian Schools and forced assimilation to the white American way of life.

We honor the original native inhabitants of Kentucky, those who perished as a direct result of our nation's history of violence toward and dehumanizing of native peoples, and we recognize the thousands of Native Americans who are still living in Kentucky today.